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SkillsEdge is building skills for management research through high quality online and offline workshops

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Short seminars on a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methods for social sciences

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A vibrant community of doctoral students and faculty members to discuss your doubts as well as research ideas

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We aim to develop skills and capability among students and faculty for research and education in India through high quality online and offline workshops.

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SkillsEdge Seminars

Our seminars are designed to help students, faculty and professionals learn the latest research and statistical methods in an efficient and affordable way.

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Upcoming Workshop

[STAT-2022-02] Statistics for Social Science Research

Basic concepts in statistics are essential for practitioners and researchers alike. Not all researchers have a statistics background, and they would like to reinforce their basics. Further, after a stint in industry, it is not unlikely that few researchers and practitioners would like to revise the basic concepts. In this workshop, we start right at the very basics and do not assume prior statistics knowledge. For people with varying needs, we have divided the workshop into various modules. We will use MS Excel and SPSS in the workshop. In the workshop, we will have Hands-on practice on problems, and examples from the book by Anderson and Sweeney, will be discussed.


SkillsEdge's edge

Most of the topics included in curriculum of doctoral students are often not taught in a clear manner. Trying to learn such methods on your own can be a real challenge.

Our seminars are specifically designed to solve for this.

  • Expert Professors

  • Hands-on training on important research methods

  • Short workshops (2-5 days duration)

  • Recorded courses on research topics

  • Access to free resources


Over 1000+ people have attended our workshops

Skillsedge is indeed doing an invaluable service to the profession by providing research methods training at minimum fees for budding scholars and faculty. If this trend continues and your tribe increases, then Indian researchers will be second to none! I cannot thank you enough for this initiative.

Prof. Zubin Mulla

TISS Mumbai


Doctoral Student, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

"Keep organising Sessions related to research information and problem which Indian scholars are facing."

Pragya Sharma

Assistant Professor, Narayana Business School

"Excellent workshop by excellent speaker."

Kanika Khurana

Assistant Professor, University of Mumbai

"My most sincere gratitude to Prof Vishal Gupta for sparing time and selflessly sharing his vast knowledge for the benefit of young faculty and researchers!"

Dr. Rajanibala J. Shah

Assistant Professor, L J Institute of Management Studies

"Prof. Vishal is a true teacher because of traits like kind, humble, patient with knowledge at par… Glad to be a part of such a well organized FDP…."

Anushree Joshi

Research Scholar, IIPHG Gandhinagar

"Excellent session with a wonderful experience. "

Abhishek Vijaygopal

Academic Intern, IIM Bangalore

"Excellent learning experience with Prof. Vishal Gupta. Well done to the team for organizing this wonderful FDP. "

Aditya Samdershi

Assistant Professor, Sharda University

"It was very well organized and Reception of Participant, Cooperation and content delivery of Resource Person was excellent. Overall very very successful FDP."

Irfana Rashid

Assistant Professor, University of Kashmir

"Brilliant resource person with abundant patience. Content delivered quite effectively"

Dr. Rupashree Baral

Associate Professor, IIT Madras

"The program was wonderful and the teacher was excellent."

Recorded Lectures

We have made a few courses available for free. They are relevant for all research students irrespective of their area of specialization.

Free Why do Research?

Research is a life-long journey. Learn why research is important through this free course.

Free Managing Doctoral Dissertation

Learn how to manage your doctoral dissertation through this free course.

Free Manuscript Writing and High-Quality Publishing

Learn how to write Manuscript and publish high-quality content.

Free Psychometrics and Scale Development in Social Sciences

Learn more about Psychometrics and Scale Development in Social Sciences through this free course.

Free Mediation, Moderation and Conditional Process - Computations in SPSS

The workshop focused on multivariate regressions and the topics of mediations and moderations.