About SkillsEdge


SkillsEdge conducts training in research methods and academic writing for students and faculty working in the area of social sciences (management) and related disciplines. SkillsEdge provides public seminars varying in duration from anywhere between 2 to 5 days on a wide range of topics in social sciences research such as academic writing, psychometrics, statistical analysis, regressions, structural equation modelling, multilevel modelling, meta-analysis, experimental research, case-based research and other topics of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

SkillsEdge seminars will be open to registered students and faculty only. Many of the topics covered in the workshops are often not included in research curriculum of graduate, post-graduate and doctoral students. Even if they are included, the topics are not taught in a clear manner. Trying to learn such methods by oneself can be a real challenge. SkillsEdge seminars are designed to help students and faculty learn the latest research methods in an efficient and affordable way.


  • Live workshops: SkillsEdge will offer open workshops on various topics of research. Workshops will be open to registered students and faculty.
  • Recorded courses: Courses by expert faculty will be made available on SkillsEdge platform for viewing and subscription. These courses will enable learners to refer to lectures at their convenience.
  • Resources: We will be maintaining a page on our website where we will be uploading useful resources for learning various research methods.
  • Community: Access to a vibrant research community where you can sign up, post your queries and get answers to your questions.


To develop skills and capability among students and faculty for management research and education.


Our specific sub-aims and missions are:

  • To provide education on research methods and data analysis for students (graduate, post-graduate, doctoral students and faculty) at various stages of their careers.
  • To train students and faculty to conduct better research.
  • To create a consciousness of quality and rigor in research happening in India.

SkillsEdge Values

SkillsEdge provides workshops on important research topics. The content of these workshops are highly relevant for students and faculty. The workshops provide in-depth understanding of the concepts and also provide hands-on training of software used for analysing datasets.

The values of the organisation are: quality, empathy and authenticity.

  • Quality: The organisation aims to provide quality training to students and faculty in various domains of research methods and academic writing.
  • Empathy: We are empathetic towards the needs to learners. Our workshops, courses and services are designed keeping in mind the requirements of students and faculty.
  • Authenticity: We aim to conduct all our activities in a highly fair and transparent manner. We will follow highest principles of humility, integrity and ethics in all our dealings and conduct.

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