CB-SEM Module 4: Introduction to SEM Basics

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I am happy to announce the next module (Module 4) of my lecture series on CB-SEM.

The link for the module 4 is this.

In this module, I discuss the basics of CB-SEM such as model parameters, model identification, model estimation and model identification. I discuss the basic ideas of analysis used in SEM and the various aspects that will be used when we run CFA and path models in SEM.

The module consists of 6 lectures. Four lectures discuss and explain basics of SEM and two lectures are based on questions that were asked to me during a workshop that I had taken on SEM. The details of the module lectures are as follows:

Lecture 1: Introduction to the steps of SEM

Lecture 2: Model parameters in SEM

Lecture 3: Model identification

Lecture 4: Model identification - clarifications (Q&A)

Lecture 5: Model estimation and modification indices

Lecture 6: SEM clarifications (Q&A)

I hope you will find these lectures useful in learning SEM.

Material for the series can be downloaded from this link.

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