CB-SEM Module 5: Getting Started with AMOS

Dear All:

Welcome to the 5th module of my lecture series on CB-SEM. In this module we will begin to work on AMOS and start performing CFA on it. In the module I explain how to declare CFA models in AMOS, how to understand and interpret AMOS output and how to use modification indices to improve model fits.

Link to the module is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAMkrsIsyZo&list=PLTfj4qMbtEirAR3zi2Noea3wQrEKq5Bmn&index=27

The module comprises of 5 lectures. The details of the lectures are given below:

Lecture 1: Doing CFA in AMOS

Lecture 2: Understanding AMOS output

Lecture 3: Understanding the meaning of modification indices and using them to improve model fit

Lecture 4: Q&A session to understand CFA

Lecture 5: Finalising the CFA model

This module will be beneficial for understanding how we analyse psychometric data using AMOS.

As a reminder, the previous 4 modules that we covered were:

Module 1: Understanding measurement errors

Module 2: Reliability and Validity

Module 3: Exploratory factor analysis

Module 4: Theory of CB-SEM

I hope you will find this module interesting and useful for your research.

Material for the series can be downloaded from: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vvMb8QfB7-hPKuyo9Rdk9sGEOUqYYOND?usp=sharing

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Prof. Vishal Gupta

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