CB-SEM Module 9: Testing Moderations in SEM

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Welcome to Module 9 of my lecture series of CB-SEM!

In this module we will be learning about testing moderations in CB-SEM. Moderation in an important social science phenomenon where we test the moderating role of a variable as it manipulates (changes polarity or magnitude) existing relationships between variables in our research models. I will be covering the basics of moderation (lectures 1-2), how to test moderation in SPSS and AMOS (lectures 3-4) and multigroup SEM (lectures 5-6).

In the last two lectures of the module, I will explain multigroup SEM which is a method to test the relationships of our structural models across samples. Many a times we may want to examine the properties of our scales/models across groups. At such times, multigroup SEM comes in handy. I also demonstrate how to conduct multigroup SEM in AMOS in the last lecture (lecture 6) of the module.

The introduction to the module can be found at this link.

The module comprises of six lectures. A listing of the lectures is given below:

Lecture 1: Moderation basics (Link)

Lecture 2: Testing moderation in SPSS and AMOS - Basics (Link)

Lecture 3: Conducting moderation test in SPSS (Link)

Lecture 4: Conducting moderation test in AMOS (Link)

Lecture 5: Multigroup SEM Basics (Link)

Lecture 6: Conducting multigroup SEM using AMOS (Link)

I hope you will these videos helpful for your research work.

Material for the series can be downloaded from: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vvMb8QfB7-hPKuyo9Rdk9sGEOUqYYOND?usp=sharing

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