Lecture Series - Manuscript Writing and Psychometrics

Hello all:

I am happy to announce that after a long time, I have been able to create two online lecture series.

The first series is on ‘Manuscript Writing and High-Quality Publishing’ and the second one is on ‘Psychometrics and Scale Development in Social Sciences’. I provide a brief description of the series below:

1. Manuscript Writing and High-Quality Publishing: The purpose of this lecture series is to provide some tips to research on developing manuscripts that can be taken forward for publication in high-quality journals. This series focuses on the following topics:

You can see the playlist on YouTube here: https://shorturl.at/prKOY

The instruction file for the lecture series is available at: https://shorturl.at/V2456

The files referred to in the lectures are available at: https://shorturl.at/xyA14

All lectures have been uploaded in the series.

2. Psychometrics and Scale Development in Social Sciences: The purpose of this lecture series is to introduce to the participants the central concepts of measurement. The series takes a “nuts and bolts” approach, covering the critical aspects of psychometric theory including test construction, item analysis, reliability, validity, and measurement error. The series is structured around a framework of measurement principles and will be based on a combination of theoretical and practice-oriented sessions that will provide a working knowledge of concepts using statistical software like SPSS and AMOS. The learning objectives of the series are:

This series is designed for researchers working in social sciences (OB, HRM, Marketing, Strategy, Communication, etc.) who are interested in developing their own scales or are using established scales for measuring constructs in their research work. Researchers who are using surveys for their research work will benefit from this workshop.

Playlist: https://shorturl.at/ghoFK

The instruction sheet for the series is available at: https://shorturl.at/akvyC

Workshop files are available at: https://shorturl.at/aADN2

The first part of the lectures on ‘measurement’ is available as of now. I will be uploading a part of the lecture series every weekend.

These series are an effort to provide open, free-of-cost content to you all and help you in your research journeys. I hope you will find the series useful.

Best wishes