Lecture Series on Covaiance-based SEM

Lecture Series on Covariance-Based Structural Equation Modeling

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I am happy to announce my next lecture series on Covariance-based Structural Equation Modeling (CB-SEM).

The lecture series can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhF8K7ZMI5k&list=PLTfj4qMbtEirAR3zi2Noea3wQrEKq5Bmn

About this lecture series:

Measurement is fundamental to social sciences research and application. However, measurement also represents one of the greatest obstacles that the social scientists face, both in terms of daily practice and in terms of the reputation of the discipline. The purpose of this lecture series is to introduce to the participants the concepts and basics of covariance-based Structural Equation Modeling (CB-SEM). The series takes a “nuts and bolts” approach, covering the basics of CB-SEM and providing hands-on training of doing SEM testing in AMOS.

The series is structured around a framework of measurement principles and will be based on a combination of theoretical and practice-oriented sessions that will provide working knowledge of concepts using statistical software like SPSS and AMOS.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the issues of reliability, validity and measurement error;

2. Understand analysis techniques like factor analysis (exploratory and confirmatory) and structural equation modeling (SEM).

3. Get hands-on training on statistical analysis packages like AMOS.

Material for this series: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vvMb8QfB7-hPKuyo9Rdk9sGEOUqYYOND?usp=sharing

Who should see this lecture series?

This series is designed for researchers working in social sciences (OB, HRM, Marketing, Strategy, Communication, etc.) who are using established scales for measuring constructs in their research work. Researchers who are using surveys for their research work will benefit from this workshop.

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