Module 2 (Steps of Scale Development): Psychometrics Lecture Series

Hello all:

The module 2 of the lecture series on ‘Psychometrics and Scale Development in Social Sciences’ covers aspects of reflective and formative constructs. Also, I would be talking about the steps to be followed while developing items for scales used in social science research.

The first three lectures of module 2 will be focused on covering basics of reflective and formative indicators. Lectures 4 to 14 of module 2 will be focused steps to be following while writing scale items. The aspects covered in this module together make up the ‘content validity’ aspect of measures.

There are also few lectures that cover Q&A sessions that happened when I had done the workshop on the same topic. These questions may also be pertinent to your research work.

Module 2 Introduction Link:

I hope you will find the lectures in this module useful for your research work. Please do share the link to the module with interested audience.

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