Psychometrics and Scale Development - Module 3 (Reliability and Factor Analysis)

Welcome to the third module of Psychometrics Lecture Series.

In the first part (first five lectures) of Module 3, I talk about the concept of reliability, why is reliability computed and its use in research in social sciences. I explain the formula used to compute Cronbach’s alpha (the most popular measure of reliability) and then demonstrate how to compute it by hand if you have interitem correlations available. Next, I demonstrate how to compute Cronbach’s alpha using SPSS.

In the second part (lecture 6 onwards) of this module, I explain the theory of factor analyses (EFA - exploratory factor analysis and CFA - confirmatory factor analysis). I explain the difference between EFA and CFA and then I explain the basics of EFA. In these lectures, I explain the concepts of eigen values and communalities, factor extraction methods and factor rotation methods. Also, you will find discussions on sample size requirements and items loadings helpful.

YouTube Link: Welcome to Module 3

I hope you will find the lectures useful for your research.

Best wishes

Vishal Gupta