Psychometrics and Scale Development - Module 7 (SEM using AMOS)

Dear all:

Welcome to the last module in the lecture series of ‘Psychometrics and Scale Development for Social Sciences’.

This module is focused on conducting covariance-based structural equation modeling (CB-SEM) using AMOS. In this module, I explain SEM basics, how to compute degrees of freedom, estimating measurement models, testing discriminant validity, nomological validity testing, and item parceling.

The videos of the module can be found here.

With this module, we complete all the modules of the lecture series on ‘Psychometrics and Scale Development for Social Sciences’. For your reference, given below is a description of the modules covered in this lecture series.

Details of Lecture Series:

Module 1 (Lectures 1-7): Introduction to Measurement

Module 2 (Lectures 1-14): Scale Development and Item Generation

Module 3 (Lectures 1-13): Reliability and Exploratory Factor Analysis

Module 4 (Lectures 1-7): EFA in SPSS and Validity

Module 5 (Lectures 1-6): Basics of CB-SEM

Module 6 (Lectures 1-6): Introduction to AMOS

Module 7 (Lectures 1-9): SEM using AMOS

Instruction sheet for the series is available here.

Relevant files for the lecture series are available here.

I hope you will find the lecture series useful for your work.

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Vishal Gupta