[STAT-2022-02] Statistics for Social Science Research

Workshop on Statistics for Social Science Research

About the Workshop

The workshop will be held on September 17 – October 22, 2022 via online medium (through Zoom).

Focus of the Workshop:

Basic concepts in statistics are essential for practitioners and researchers alike. Not all researchers have a statistics background, and they would like to reinforce their basics. Further, after a stint in industry, it is not unlikely that few researchers and practitioners would like to revise the basic concepts.

In this workshop, we start right at the very basics and do not assume prior statistics knowledge. For people with varying needs, we have divided the workshop into various modules.

We will use MS Excel and SPSS in the workshop. In the workshop, we will have Hands-on practice on problems, and examples from the book by Anderson and Sweeney, will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

Upon the completion of this course, the participants would learn:


• Basics of Normal Distribution.

• Central Limit Theorem and Sampling Distribution

• Correlation and Covariance

• Interval Estimation

• t-Distribution

• Linear Regression

• Hypothesis Testing

• Significance Tests and Type I error

• Conceptual Clarity of p-value

• Z-test and t-test (1 Population Mean)

• 2 sample Z-test and 2 sample t-test

• Pooled sample variance

• Paired t-Test (Matched Sample t-Test)

• Chi-Square and F Tests


Who should attend the workshop?

This workshop is designed for researchers in various streams (OB, HRM, Marketing, Strategy, Communication, Operations, Decision Sciences etc.) who want to apply statistical techniques in their research projects. No previous background in statistics is necessary.

Participants will be expected have their laptops loaded with MS Excel and if possible SPSS (not mandatory).

Registration Fees and Details:

Full-time and part-time doctoral students:

Module 1: INR 3000/participant (including GST)

Module 2: INR 3000/participant (including GST)

If both modules are chosen, combined fee: Rs. 5000 /participant (including GST)

Faculty and Professionals:

Module 1: INR 4000/participant (including GST)

Module 2: INR 4000/participant (including GST)

If both modules are chosen, combined fee: Rs. 7000 /participant (including GST)

NOTE: A group discount of 15 % is available if 4 or more participants register together.


Payment link is: https://rzp.io/l/DXNlWt94SL

Note: Payment link is common for Full-time and Part-time students, and faculty.

After making the payment, please fill the registration form at: https://forms.gle/v1q2g6ve4asQBQpw6

Workshop Brochure

You can download the brochure of workshop from here.

About the Workshop Coordinator:

Aditya Agrawal is a full-time Ph.D. researcher of Organizational Behaviour at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He did his B. Tech (Civil Engineering) from IIT Kanpur and MBA from IIM Bangalore. Aditya brings a rich Industrial experience of more than fourteen years, specifically from the Energy and Real Estate sectors. His primary research interests are exploring Organizational Dysfunctional Behaviour, Positive Psychology, and Conflict Resolution. His Doctoral thesis is on the topic “Organizational Healing,” which was awarded the most promising dissertation award by the MSR division of the Academy of Management. Aditya was awarded the IIT Bombay’s School of Management, Endowment Award for academic performance during PhD.

Contact Details:

Dr Manish Panchasara

Mobile: +91-8319864650

E-mail: info@skillsedge.co